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Format: CD
Artist: Kaprekar's Constant
CatNo: TECD476
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Kaprekars Constant Fate Outsmarts Desire CD
Kaprekar's Constant is the brainchild of childhood friends, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Al Nicholson and Nick Jefferson
Joined throughout its debut album by legendary Van Der Graaf Generator saxophonist/flautist David Jackson, vocalist Dorie Jackson (Francis Dunnery) and ace former Level 42 drummer Phil Gould, the band's melodic sensibilities, epic arrangements and love of historical subject matter draw inspiration from the likes of Big Big Train and Genesis.
2022 version. CD in mini LP sleeve.
1) Hors d'Oeuvre
2) Blue Bird
3) Pearl Of The Lake
4) Hallsands
5) Four-Faced Liar
6) Houdini - King Of Cards