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Format: CD
Artist: Jon Hassell / Farafina
CatNo: GBCD087
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Jon Hassell Farafina Flash of the Spirit CD
The first ever reissue and remastering of Jon Hassell's Fourth World masterwork from 1988 (co-produced with the legendary studio team of Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois).
In 1987, Hassell joined with Farafina, the acclaimed percussion, voice, and dance troupe from Burkina Faso, to record Flash Of The Spirit. While the album is a natural extension of Hassell’s Fourth World ideas, it's also a distinctive outlier in the careers of both artists; an unrepeated merging of sounds whose influence still reverberates today.
Flash Of The Spirit [Laughter]
Night Moves [Fear]
Air Afrique [Wind]
Out Pours (Kongo) Blue [Prayer]
Kaboo [Play]
(Like) Warriors Everywhere [Courage]
Dreamworld [Dance]
Tales Of The Near Future [Clairvoyance]
A Vampire Dances [Symmetry]
Masque [Strength]