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Format: CD
Artist: John Foxx And The Maths
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John Foxx And The Maths Howl CD Ultravox
Howl (2020) is the fifth studio album from John Foxx And The Maths.
Former Ultravox guitarist Robin Simon joins Foxx, Benge (Ben Edwards) and Hannah Peel.
‘For years, I'd wanted to work with Robin Simon again,’ says Foxx. ‘There’s something central about what he does - and I always miss it, no matter who I work with. It’s what Rob can do with a song, and with the sheer power of sound.’
An album of dark, writhing glamour. 
1. My Ghost 5:14
2. Howl 5:20
3. Everything Is Happening At The Same Time 4:53
4. Tarzan And Jane Regained 5:41
5. The Dance 4:39
6. New York Times 3:34
7. Last Time I Saw You 4:55
8. Strange Beauty 5:26