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Format: CD
Artist: Gong
CatNo: KSCOPE743
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Gong Pulsing Signals 2CD Kscope Kavus Torabi Dave Sturt
Pulsing Signals, recorded live at The Wardrobe in Leeds, The Cluny in Newcastle and Rescue Rooms in Nottingham in 2019 during The Universe Also Collapses tour finds the legendary Gong in spirited form. 
Kavus Torabi, Fabio Golfetti, Ian East, Dave Sturt and Cheb Nettles continue Daevid Allen's unique vision for this always exploratory band.
2CD in digipak with 8-page booklet.
Owing to Gong being an international band, lockdown and restrictions on travel made it impossible to convene and work on new music. The band received many requests by fans to release a live album and fortunately enough, the band had multitrack recordings of several shows from the 2019 tour. Bassist Dave Sturt went through all the master tapes and selected the best performances which became Pulsing Signals.
The album was recorded by Pete Wibrew and mixed by Frank Byng, while mastering was handled by Andy Jackson. The artwork was designed by Steve Mitchell, who has worked closely with the band since 2016’s Rejoice I’m Dead.
1. What We Was
2. You Can`t Kill Me
3. Rejoice!
4. If Never I`m And Ever You
5. Kapital
6. Master Builder
1. Forever Reoccurring
2. My Sawtooth Wake
3. Insert Yr Own Prophecy