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Artist: Family
CatNo: ECLEC22856
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Family Its_Only_A_Movie 2CD
A 2023 remastered and expanded 2CD edition of Family’s playful 1973 swansong It's Only A Movie.
Includes 19 bonus tracks drawn from singles and previously unreleased studio out-takes, along with a bonus CD of BBC Radio sessions (an  In Concert performance and Top Gear session). 
Contains an illustrated booklet with essay.
It's Only a Movie – Remastered
1 It's Only a Movie
2 Leroy
3 Buffet Tea for Two
4 Boom Bang
5 Boots 'n' Roots
6 Banger
7 Sweet Desire
8 Suspicion
9 Check Out
Bonus tracks
10 Stop This Car (B-side of single)
11 Drink to You (B-side of single)
12 Boom Bang (early version)
13 Suspicion (early version)
14 Stop This Car (early version)
BBC Radio Sessions 1973
BBC In Concert January 1973
1 Burlesque
2 Sat'dy Barfly
3 Top of the Hill
4 My Friend the Sun
5 Buffet Tea for Two
6 Children
7 Glove
8 Ready to Go
9 Holding the Compass
10 Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu
BBC Session May 1973
11 Boom Bang
12 Buffet Tea for Two
13 Check Out
14 Sweet Desiree