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Artist: Family
CatNo: ECLEC22830
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Family Anyway CD
An expanded 2CD edition of the classic 1970 album by the legendary Family.
Featuring an additional 16 bonus tracks drawn from singles and BBC sessions.
Includes booklet with essay.
Anyway – Remastered
1. Good News, Bad News
2. Willow Tree
3. Holding the Compass
4. Strange Band
5. Part of the Load
6. Anyway
7. Normans
8. Lives and Ladies
Bonus tracks
9. Strange Band (studio version)
10. The Weavers Answer (1970 single version)
11. Hung Up Down (1970 single version)
12. Normans (American LP edited version)
BBC Radio Sessions
BBC Radio Top Gear session 5th September 1970
1. Good News, Bad News
2. Lives and Ladies
3. Holding the Compass
4. Good News, Bad News
John Peel concert 27th September 1970
5. Drowned in Wine
6. Wheels
7. Processions / No Mules Fool
8. Holding the Compass
9. Lives and Ladies
10. Strange Band
11. The Weaver’s Answer
12. Blow by Blow