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Format: CD
Artist: Exit North
CatNo: EN03
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Exit North are Thomas Feiner, Steve Jansen, Ulf Jansson and Charles Storm.

The quartet's second studio album once more explores provocative song structures, weaving classic elements such as piano and strings into the layered threads of the band's material.

Intimacy and atmospherics give way to powerful dynamics, animated rhythms and grooves, driving distortions and crescendos on a cinematic scale.


1. I Only Believe In Untold Stories
2. Your Story Mine 
3. The Unforeseen
4. Where The Coin Fell
5. Bled Out
6. Us In Half
7. A Battle Cried
8. With All The Indifference
9. In The Game
10. The Signal
Ulf Jansson - Piano & Keyboards 
Charles Storm - Backing vocals & various 
Steve Jansen - Backing vocals & various 
Thomas Feiner - Lead Vocals & various 
Strings arranged & conducted by Mikael Backegårdh 

Max Wulfson - Violin I 
Terje Skomedal - Violin II 
Emil Jonasson - Viola 
David Bukovinszky - Cello 
Hans Adler - Double Bass 
Additional Contributors: 
Vocal Art Ensemble of Sweden 
Bratislava Movie Orchestra 
Ingo Ludwig Frenzel 
Sven Lindvall 
Thomas Markusson 
Janne Bjerger 
Niclas Rydh 
Johanna Hjort 
Louise Gartman 
Yijia Tu 
Artyom Minasyan 
J. Lohengrin Cremonese 
Keigo Oyamada (Cornelius) 
Riai Taiko drummers Einar Klint, Alina Feiner, Orvar Stenberg 
All music composed and produced by Exit North