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Format: vinyl
Artist: Cosmograf
CatNo: PLGX01
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Cosmograf When Age Has Done Its Duty Big Big Train vinyl

The first ever vinyl release for this 2011 Cosmograf album. 

Based around main man Robin Armstrong’s (Big Big Train) personal experiences as a boy, Robin has remixed and remastered the album to address some of the issues that were less than perfect on the original recording. Many of the original guitar, bass and vocal parts have also been re-recorded, new string arrangements added and a more dynamic low volume level master produced.  

Very limited (300 copies globally) double 180g audiophile LP in a gatefold cover. Individually numbered, includes mp3 download.

Purchases through Burning Shed come with a download of full album on release date (available in Your Account).


Side One
1. Into This World                                   11:15
2. Blacksmith's Hammer                         5:01
Side Two
1. On Which We Stand                            9:28
2. Bakelite Switch                                    7:36
Side Three
1. Memory Lost                                        7:03
2. When Age Has Done Its Duty            13:02
Side Four
1. White Light Awaits                              5:49
2. Dog On The Clee                                3:30
3. WAHDID – Ambient Remix                 6:00