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Format: CD
Artist: Colin Edwin & Robert Jurjendal
CatNo: HWCD016
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Colin_Edwin Robert_Jurjendal The_Weight_Of_A_Shadow CD
On The Weight Of A Shadow, Colin Edwin & Robert Jurjendal offer an engaging blend of minimalist, ambient, post-rock, and experimental influences enhanced by extensive use of natural reverbs captured at Robert Jurjendal’s remote recording facility in the Estonian countryside.
From the plaintive  “Time to Find the Sun “ to the uplifting “Soul Blizzard“, via the abstract “Springunal”, The Weight of A Shadow is a testament to the duo's ability to evoke haunting emotional landscapes.
1. Barely Visible (5.31)
2. Cyclic Drift (5.40)
3. The Weight of A Shadow (04.38)
4. Time To Find The Sun (5.01)
5. Soul Blizzard (4.29)
6. Unknown Hands (4.15)
7. The Grid (5.49)
8. Springunal (4.49)
9. Penumbra (4.54)
10. Shadow Ritual (4.51)
11. Sub Flow (3.45)
12. Back To The Light (4.24)
All titles: Edwin/Jurjendal
Mixed by Colin Edwin 
Mastered by Paul Mex and Mex One Recordings
Robert Jurjendal: Electric Guitar, U8 Touch Guitar, 12 String Guitar,.
Colin Edwin: Fretted, Fretless and Double Basses, Ebow, Programming.
Cover Image: Lotte Jurjendal