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Artist: Camel
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Camel Nude Vinyl

Nude (1981), the eighth studio release by Camel, was a concept album based on the true story of a Japanese soldier marooned on an island in World War II who doesn’t know that the war is over.

It was the last Camel album to feature original drummer Andy Ward and is considered one of the band's best.

LP remastered from the original tapes.

1. City Life
2. Nude
3. Drafted
4. Docks
5. Beached
6. Landscapes
1. Changing Places
2. Pomp and Circumstance
3. Please Come Home
4. Reflections
5. Captured
6. The Homecoming
7. Lies
8. The Birthday Cake (The Last Farewell)
9. Nude's Return (The Last Farewell)