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Format: CD-R
Artist: Burning Shed
CatNo: BS_126_CD-r
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Burning Shed Sampler One cd-r

A budget compilation containing tracks from all of the albums currently available on the Burning Shed Catalogue.  The sampler also features previously unreleased tracks from Darkroom, Peter Chilvers and Tim Bowness / Samuel Smiles performing a live version of Bowie's 'I Can't Read'.

1 No-Man: Days in the trees - Bach (from Lost Songs: Volume One)
2 Rothko: Two (from no anchor no chart no rudder no sails)
3 Centrazoon: Harvest girls (excerpt, from Sun Lounge Debris )
4 Rhinoceros: See-through (from Tea Chest)
5 No-Man: Pretty genius (from Radio Sessions)
6 Um: Kold sun (from Pete Gregory at home with his bad self)
7 Bass Communion: Sonar (from Bass Communion)
8 Alias Grace: Nightshift (from Storm Blue Evening)
9 Darkroom: Semi-gorgeous actress (previously unreleased)
10 Os: Bearloop (excerpt, from Compilation)
11 TB/SS: I can't read (previously unreleased live track)
12 Darkroom: excerpt  (from fallout one)
13 Navigator: A little astronomy (from noisebox singles1996-1997)
14 Peter Chilvers: Filter (unreleased track from 'He Wrote This')
15 UXB: Urban mutant V1 (excerpt, from Urban Mutant)
16 Alias Grace: Talk simple (from Embers)
17 TB/SS: Flame (from Live Archive One)
Photography by Carl Glover
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