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Format: CD
Artist: The Fierce And The Dead
CatNo: BEM058
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The Fierce And The Dead The Euphoric Matt Stevens CD
The Euphoric is both a re-statement of The Fierce And The Dead's signature twin-guitar attack and a development of the band's sound with the addition of synthesized textures. 
Guitarist Matt Stevens says,“It’s heavier and more Psychedelic than before. More spacey, more synths, more downtuned guitars. The Euphoric will be a surprise to some people, but we change with each record and always have.”
Artwork by acclaimed comic book artist Mark Buckingham.
CD in six panel digipak.
1. Truck
2. 1991
3. The Euphoric
4. Dancing Robots
5. Dug Town
6. Cadet Opal
7. Verbose
8. 48k
9. Part 7
10. Part 8