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Format: CD
Artist: Node
CatNo: DiN55
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Node Node Live Berlin School Moog Flood Ed Buller Mel Wesson CD
Node Live captures the legendary synth supergroup performing a rare concert at the Royal College of Music in 2015.
Containing huge pulsating walls of analogue warmth that rise from a whisper to a mind numbing crescendo of noise at the whim of the performers, Node Live includes edits of four tracks from the concert as well as a bonus piece recorded at the group's rehearsal for the event. 
Node comprise maverick producer Flood, producer/composer Ed Buller, classically trained Doctor of music Dave Bessell and Hollywood film composer Mel Wesson.
Released as a limited edition run of 2,000 copies in a beautiful fold-out digipak with a booklet, this is a must-have for lovers of Berlin School inspired sequencer music.


1. Shinkansen North (14:17)

2. Perpetuum Mobile 1 (13:23)

3. Arrival (12:17)

4. Shinkansen South (13:39)

5. Perpetuum Mobile 2 (12:11)