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Format: CD
Artist: Tu-Ner
CatNo: 7D2403
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Tu-Ner Tu-Ner_for_Lovers CD Markus_Reuter
Tu-Ner For Lovers is an invitation to experience love and intimacy through a progressive rock prism.
With this 2024 release from the ensemble of Pat Mastelotto, Markus Reuter and Trey Gunn, the music is taken from the trio's live shows in 2023 and weaves together an immersive audioscape that skilfully blends the churning rhythms of Mastelotto, the dripping touch guitar layers of Reuter, and the always sensational Warr Guitar of Gunn.
1.The Last Barbie Tango 5:41
2. Six Inches Tall 4:24 
3. The White Thing 5:56 
4. A Nightingale Sang in Our Tornado 3:51 
5. Attack of the Puppet People 8:13
6. Triangle of Love 5:38 
7. In a Sacrificial Mood 3:46 
8. Cardboard Rendezvous 4:18 
9. You Returned for Me 4:26 
10. They Call Him Threnody 4:21 
11. Transistor Valentine 6:56 
12. I Put a Crush on You 4:35
13. Combat and Courtship 8:49
TREY GUNN – Warr guitar
PAT MASTELOTTO – drums, electronics
MARKUS REUTER – touch guitar