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Artist: Andy McArthur
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The Byrds On Track examines each one of the band’s 12 studio albums. Also discussed within the ‘Connected Flights’ part of each chapter, are the band’s contemporaneous non-album singles and B-sides. Previously unreleased tracks that were later released as part of their extensive reissue campaigns are also covered, making this book one of the most extensive guides to The Byrds’ music yet produced.


Andy McArthur is a retired teacher, who, in a previous life, worked in finance. He now works part-time in the education charity sector. Having always loved writing, he previously contributed to a national newspaper’s football fanzine section. This is his first book. He lives in Edinburgh with his wife, Karen, and daughters, Amy and Zoe. When not walking Mojo the dog up the Braid Hills, Andy loves listening to music, watching Ayr Utd and drinking zesty ales in pubs (where he bores people by telling them how The Byrds changed popular music three times in the space of three years).