Price: £30.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Andrew Gold
CatNo: ECLECLP22758
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Andrew_Gold Greetings_From_Planet_Love Splatter_vinyl
Andrew Gold’s brilliant Psychedelic pastiche Greetings from Planet Love (1997) offers remarkable stylistic evocations of the late 1960s heyday of The Beatles, The Beach Boys, The Byrds and The Doors.
A la Dukes Of Stratosphear the project saw Gold create a fictitious band (The Fraternal Order of the All), which mainly consisted of Gold doing everything pseudonymously (along with the occasional assistance of Graham Gouldman and other friends).
Limited edition double LP pressed on 10-inch coloured splatter vinyl and featuring a newly designed lavish gatefold sleeve.
Side One
1 Greetings from Planet Love
2 Rainbow People
3 Love Tonight
4 Chasing My Tail
5 Swirl
Side Two
1 Tuba Rye and Will’s Son / Balloon in the Sky
2 King of Showbiz
3 Whirl
4 Freelove Baby
5 Groovy Party at Jimmy’s Magic Pad
Side Three
1 It’s Beautiful
2 Wink of the Third Eye
3 It Has No Eyes But Sight
4 Twirl
5 Space and Time
6 Time is Standing Still
Side Four
1 Ride the Snake
2 Mr Plastic Business Man
3 Ccosmicc Ccarnivall
4 Tomorrow Drop Dead