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Artist: Anathema
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Anathema The Silent Enigma Peaceville cd

The Silent Enigma - originally released in the summer of 1995 - is the first release on which guitarist Vincent Cavanagh took over the vocal duties of recently departed Darren White.

Vincent's style pushed the possibilities for Anathema onwards and upwards, displaying a scope and creativity beyond his years. Lauded by the Metal press, the album is considered to be one of the band's finest achievements. 

'The Silent Enigma is one of Anathema's best. Metal this heavy is seldom poetic but the writing team here simply surrendered to their muse and awoke with a work as alien in its dark horrors it is human in its tragic beauty. - Terrorizer

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1. Restless Oblivion
2. Shroud Of Frost
3. ...Alone
4. Sunset Of Age
5. Nocturnal Emission
6. Cerulean Twilight
7. The Silent Enigma
8. A Dying Wish
9. Black Orchid
Bonus Tracks:
10. The Silent Enigma (Orchestral)
11. Sleepless '96