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Artist: Anathema
CatNo: KSCOPE106
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Released on Post Progressive imprint Kscope Music, in association with the legendary Peaceville Records, Hindsight is the first release of new studio recordings from Anathema since 2003's acclaimed conceptual album, A Natural Disaster. 
Featuring selected favourites spanning the band's career, as well as brand new track, Unchained (Tales Of The Unexpected), Hindsight sees Anathema creating sensitive semi-acoustic arrangements - utilising acoustic, electric and orchestral instruments - that further develop the deep, emotional landscapes that Anathema has become justly renowned for.

Arranged by guitarist Danny Cavanagh, engineered by Les Smith, and performed and produced by Anathema, Hindsight also features cellist Dave Wesling, who previously toured with the band in 2004
 (and is featured on the DVD, 'A Moment in Time').

Anathema has been at the forefront of the UK rock/metal movement since its inception in the early 1990s. 
Boasting  a peerless catalogue incorporating the DoomThe CD can also be purchased in a specially priced bundle with an exclusive t-shirt displaying the album cover.  T-Shirts may also be purchased separately.
1. Fragile Dreams

2. Leave No Trace
3. Inner Silence
4. One Last Goodbye

5. Are You There?

6. Angelica
7. A Natural Disaster

8. Temporary Peace

9. Flying

10. Unchained (Tales Of The Unexpected)