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Format: CD
Artist: Anathema
CatNo: KSCOPE366
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Anathema Falling Deeper cd
Budget-priced 2016 edition of Anathema's 2011 release.
Featuring brand new orchestral arrangements of material from Anathema's earliest days, Falling Deeper continued where the acclaimed 2008 release Hindsight left off.
A musical and lyrical re-appraisal of classic songs such as Crestfallen, Kingdom, Sunset Of Age and Everwake (which also features the astonishing voice of Anneke van Giersbergen), the album was produced by band member Daniel Cavanagh, and recorded and mixed by Andrea Wright.
The orchestral arrangements came courtesy of Canterbury music legend Dave Stewart (Egg, Hatfield & The North), who provided superb scores for We're Here Because We're Here and has previously orchestrated songs by Porcupine Tree and No-Man.
1. Crestfallen [3:07]
2. Sleep In Sanity [3:53]
3. Kingdom [4:24]
4. They Die [2:13]
5. Everwake [3:05]
6. J'ai Fait Une Promesse [4:22]
7. Alone [7:15]
8. We The Gods [3:01]
9. Sunset Of Age [7:39]