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Format: CD
Artist: Alistair Murphy
CatNo: CR0017
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Alistair_Murphy Islands CD Alistair Murphy
The five part piece is held together by the glue of the central song sequence, "Midway". Depicting fleeting happiness, missed chances and the effects of isolation, the introspective meditation on the human spirit in "Midway" making sense of a changing world, provides the cogent emotional fuel for the rest of "islands".
Written, produced and mostly played by multi-instrumentalist Alistair, "islands" also features powerful contributions from several guest musicians: notably, the ethereal and haunting vocal accompaniment of Diana Hare and the blisteringly evocative sax of Laurie A'Court.
An album as individual as the isolated Norfolk landscape that inspired it, "islands" introduces a distinctive new voice to the contemporary Progressive scene.
1 Wake        19º 18N 166º 35E       (4.49)
2 Water       18º 21N 64º 57W        (8.41)
3 Midway      28º 12N 177º 24W        (13.07)
4 Ocean        0º 52s169º 35E        (17.22)
5 Réunion     21º 10S 55º 30E           (4.37)