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Format: CD
Artist: The Halflife
CatNo: CZ0014
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The Halflife walking out to the wall CD Alistair Murphy
The third album sees the Halflife moving further into new territory. Whilst the 90s guitar rock of "The Waiting Room" can still be heard in "It's Always Going to be this Way" and "I Want You Too", the longer tracks, such as "Sparks and Hearts" and "Playing at Patience" see other influences, such as 70s prog, emerge. Amongst the highlights is "To the Wall", plaintive sax, crashing waves of cymbals, keyboards and acoustic guitars. The final song, "Almost Here" fuses a folky English sound with the exoticism of Greek bouzoukis?
1. It's Always Going To Be This Way
2. I Want You To
3. Towards Home
4. Draining The Draught
5. I Will Find You
6. Endwayswise
7. To The Wall
8. Davy
9. Playing At Patience
10. The Last Pretender
11. Sparks And Hearts
12. Almost Here
Laurie A'Court : Saxes
Ian Burrage : Drums
Alistair Murphy : Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars and Bass
Michael Rooney : Vocals
Jeremy Salmon : Guitars, Bass and Percussion
Diana Hare : Vocals
Laurence Elly : Bass
Mark Fletcher : Bass
Craig Hulkes : Drums
Yiasoumis Yiasmi : Bouzouki
Sotiris Yiasmi : Bouzouki
Johnny Adams : Violin
Nigel Digby : Vocals
Recorded and Produced by Alistair Murphy