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Format: CD
Artist: Alberto Rigoni and Michael Manring
CatNo: 0731093297267
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Alberto Rigoni Michael Manring Grains of Sand CD
Italian bassist Alberto Rigoni and the legendary Michael Manring present an instrumental set combining elements of Prog, Fusion, Jazz, and Ambient musical styles. 
Bryan Weller, Mark Zonder (Fates Warning), Billy Sheehan, Stu Hamm and more guest.

CD in digipak

1. Orphaned Land
2. Grains Of Sand (ft. Billy Sheehan) 
3. Seven (feat. Bryan Beller) 
4. Parallels (ft. Michael LePond)
5. Bass Lullaby
6. InstruMind (ft. Lars Lehmann)
7. Carpathia
8. No Escape (ft. Adam Nitti) 
9. Angels (ft. Stu Hamm)