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Format: cd
Artist: Tiles
CatNo: IOMCD289
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Fly Paper Tiles CD


With the return of original drummer Mark Evans, 2008's Fly Paper found Tiles embracing a renewed sense of experimentation to craft a streamlined collection of songs featuring the intricacies of progressive rock blended with deep rhythmic grooves and dense arrangements.
Producer Terry Brown (Rush) returned and delivered a vibrant vintage soundscape.
Hugh Syme's artwork captured the album's overall lyrical theme of human vulnerability with a simple-yet-disquieting image of a paper airplane floating over a city skyline
Fly Paper also featured an impressive roster of special guests including Alex Lifeson (Rush) on guitar, Alannah Myles on vocals; Kim Mitchell (Max Webster) on guitar; Hugh Syme on keyboards and orchestration; and Matthew Parmenter (Discipline) on keyboards and vocals.
Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) praised Fly Paper as Tiles' best CD yet, "Sharp, precise vocals tell tales and set scenes - thundering drums and bass lines connect weaving melodies: strong stuff."
Signed by the band and producer Terry Brown.


1. Hide In My Shadow (5:43)
2. Sacred & Mundane (5:28)
3. Back & Forth (6:02)
4. Landscrape (4:33)
5. Markers (6:57)
6. Dragons, Dreams & Daring Deeds (8:08)
7. Crowded Emptiness (4:07)
8. Hide & Seek (8:31)


- Mark Evans / drums
- Chris Herin / guitar, keyboards
- Paul Rarick / vocals
- Jeff Whittle / bass
Guest musicians:
- Sonya Mastick / percussion
- Matthew Parmenter / keyboards & vocals
- Nate Mills / vocals
- Alex Lifeson, Alannah Myles, Kim Mitchell, Hugh Syme, Sonya Mastick