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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Anna Phoebe
CatNo: APM0002LP
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vinyl Anna Phoebe Between The Shadow And The Soul
Vinyl version of Anna Phoebe's album-length follow-up to the successful Embrace EP, which once more displays Anna and her band's unique virtuoso fusion of Classical, Eastern and Rock influences. 
Ian Anderson guests on the track A Moment's Deception.
In spined sleeve with polylined anti-static bag. 
"Anna Phoebe never fails to delight with her sensual and provocative journeys through the spaces of eclectic musical verse. Accompanied by a bunch of no-slouch passionate comrades well-rehearsed in the Phoebe-World Phantasy, Between The Shadow And The Soul soars elegantly aloft with Eastern and Western-influenced melodies to conjure all things mysterious for the lifting of all souls." - Ian Anderson, Jethro Tull
Side 1:
1. Shadow
2. Mostar
3. A Singular Mind
4. Nines
5. A Moment's Deception (featuring Ian Anderson)
Side 2:
1. Embrace (Acoustic)
2. Uncrowned
3. Inception
4. Athena
5. Soul