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Format: CD
Artist: Mike Keneally
CatNo: EX-2413-1
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Demos Unheard Music Wing Beat Elastic Remixes Mike Keneally cd

A fascinating addition to the Wing Beat Fantastic universe.

1. I'm Raining Here, Inside (Chatfield/Harris Slight Return Mix)
2. Wing Beat Fantastic (Mark Vidler Psychedelic Re-Spray)
3. Bobeau (Keneally Laptopian Mix)    
4. You Kill Me (Keneally/Partridge Original Version Demo)
5. Miracle Woman and Man (Chatfield/Harris No Agenda Mix)
6. Corn    
7. Your House (Keneally/Partridge Demo)
8. Bobo (Keneally/Partridge Instrumental Demo)
9. Land With No Name (Chatfield/Harris Isle of Rachmaninoff Mix)
10. Wingbeat Fantasia: A Respectful Pause
11. Wingbeat Fantasia: Bobolink Wing
12. Wingbeat Fantasia: Out In The Wet
13. Wingbeat Fantasia: I'm Into It
14. Wing Beat Fantastic (Chatfield/Harris Venusian Single Mix)