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Format: CD
Artist: Mike Keneally
CatNo: EXOWAX2302
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Boil That Dust Speck - Standard Mike Keneally cd
A 2007 remaster of MK's dark masterpiece from 1994.
"This was an album I very much needed to make-- an album wrenched out of my darkest depths while in the throes of an exciting variety of emotional torment, this album is a lot less goofy than hat."
1. Sooth
2. 'Cause Of Breakfast
3. The Desired Effect
4. Skunk
5. I'm Glad There's Lemon-Freshened Thorax In You
6. Top Of Stove Melting
7. Aglow
8. Bryan Beller's Favorite Song
9. Deep-Fried Skinks Are Go!
10. Good Morning, Sometime
11. Them Dolphins Is Smart
12. 1988 Was A Million Years Ago
13. Yep, Them Dolphins Is Smart, Alright
14. Bullys (sic)
15. My Dilemma
16. Helen Was Brash
17. Weekend
18. Land Of Broken Dreams
19. Blameless (The Floating Face)
20. That Claim-Jumping Swine, O'Bannon
21. Faithful Axe
22. Natty Trousers
23. Scotch
24. There Have Been Bad Moments
25. Frang Tang, The Valentine Bear
26. I Will
27. In The Bone World
28. The Old Boat Guy, Part One
29. The Old Boat Guy, Part Two
30. The Old Boat Guy, Part Three