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Format: CD
Artist: Endless Tapes
CatNo: HWCDEP001
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Endless Tapes Endless Tapes EP CD
Endless Tapes is a collaboration between Colin Edwin and drummer/multi instrumentalist Alessandro "Petrol" Pedretti.
Combining threads of delicate ambience with fluid and insistent minimalist grooves, Endless Tapes balances dark elements with sonic sweetness to create a thought-provoking blend of contrasting dynamics. 
The Endless Tapes EP is a kaleidoscopic collection of instrumentals inspired by the patterns in everyday urban geometry, and the unusual recurring themes in seemingly ordinary surroundings. 
CD edition.
1. Evoluzione (5.51)
2. Apples's Third Eye (5.01)
3. Punto Di Vista Differente (5.10)
4. Terminal 2 (5.17)
Colin Edwin - Fretted, Fretless and Upright Basses, Electronics, Guitar, Programming.
Alessandro Pedretti - Drums, Percussion, Electronics, Guitars, Programming, Voices.
with Nicola Panteghini  - Additional Guitars.