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Format: CD
Artist: Endless Tapes
CatNo: HWCD010
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Brilliant Waves Endless Tapes cd
Endless Tapes is a collaboration between Colin Edwin and drummer/multi instrumentalist Alessandro "Petrol" Pedretti. 
Following on from its eponymous 2013 EP, Brilliant Waves is the duo's dazzling debut album.
Setting out their plan for an immersive and engaging album,  early 2014 saw Endless Tapes 'road test' new material over a series of well-received live dates in Italy (with the duo expanded to a full live four piece band and working in conjunction with stunning visuals by video artist Danilo Di Prizio).  
Building on the duo's previously released material, Brilliant Waves showcases a kaleidoscopic collection of instrumentals inspired by the patterns in commonplace urban geometry and the recurring, cyclic themes in seemingly ordinary everyday surroundings.
A multilayered and hypnotic album, inviting repeated listens and multiple interpretations.
1. Brilliant Waves (8.06)
2. Terminal 1 (2.48)
3. Il Guardiano (5.51)
4. Saturn (5.05)
5. Bass Collapse (3.58)
6. Possible Mission (5.44)
7. Private (5.00)
8. Last Days (6.20)
Colin Edwin: Fretted and Fretless Basses, Ebow, Guitar, Programming.
Alessandro Pedretti: Drums, Electronics, Vocals, Guitar, Programming.
Additional acoustic guitar on "Il Guardiano" and "Private" by Nicola Panteghini