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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin
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Dave Stewart Barbara Gaskin Siamese Cat Song 7" Vinyl

A colourful and imaginative re-arrangement of a song from the 1955 Disney animated film 'Lady and the Tramp', this feline extravaganza was Dave's original choice for the follow-up to the duo's number one hit 'It's My Party' and marked a radical change of style for the keyboardist. The musicality of the arrangement and slow build from spacy, chiming opening to thunderous playout (with Barbara's vocal leading the ever-changing dynamics) still catch the ear 31 years after the original release. The uptempo B-side (featuring Jakko Jakszyk on guitar) is Dave's comment on what the late John Peel called "record company bands". Remastered versions of both tracks appear on the CD album <a href="">Broken Records - The Singles (Special Edition)</a>.


A. Siamese Cat Song (3:53)
B. The Emperor's New Guitar (4:15)