Price: £17.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Zombie Picnic
CatNo: GSR8
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Zombie Picnic Rise Of A New Ideology Vinyl Post-Rock
The second album by Irish post-rock instrumentalists Zombie Picnic contains six connected tracks combining a vast array of Progressive musical influences with snippets of archival material that delves into dark places. 
Available on lacquer-mastered 140g black vinyl with stunning artwork on a 300gsm spined outer sleeve.
A strictly limited edition of 250. The album comes with a signed postcard and a download link.

1. Democracy Cannot Survive (9:00)
2. They See Science as Dangerous (9:09)

1. DEFCON (5:01)
2. Life Support Systems (4:50)
3. See Beyond (5:53)
4. Anger in Storage (Denial Will Follow) (3:19)