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Artist: Will Sergeant
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Will Sergeant Weird As Fish La Via Luonge Download

16bit/44.100 kHz WAV download of Will Sergeant's experimental late 1970s recordings, plus Le Via Luonge (an instrumental soundtrack to a short film chronicling an earl 1980's Echo & The Bunnymen European tour).

Weird As Fish
01: Seven Moons Glow
02: Incandescent Transistor
03: Viewscape
04: Fuzztronic
05: Vacuum
06: W.A.F
07: Darkness
08: The Barbel Dreams 
09: Cloudy Monday
10: Anomaly
11: Foundation
Le Via Luonge
14: Racing The Train
13: Clermont-Ferrand
12: K100-A34-90mph
15: Uffizi