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Format: Vinyl
Artist: White Willow
CatNo: KAR231LPC
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White_Willow Ignis_Fatuus Orange_blue_double_vinyl
Ignis Fatuus is the 1995 debut album from White Willow
The songs range from almost pure pastoral folk-rock to out-and-out prog rock ambition., 
A classic for prog connoisseurs, this re-release has been remastered by Jacob Holm-Lupo and is presented with the original cover art (for the first time on vinyl).
Limited transparent orange and blue double LP edition.
01. Snowfall
02. Lord of Night
03. Song
04. Ingenting
05. The Withering of the Boughs
06. Lines on an Autumnal Evening
07. Now in these Fairy Lands
08. Piletreet
09. Till He Arrives
10. Cryptomenysis
11. Sighs
12. John Dee’s Lament