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Artist: Unitopia
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Unitopia Seven_Chambers 2CD
Unitopia's Seven Chambers (their first original collection on independent label’s Essentials) is comprised of seven tracks and lasts just over eighty minutes. The album represents an incredible journey that finds Unitopia at the peak of their artistic and technical prowess. 

2CD in digipak.


Founded by vocalist/songwriter Mark “Truey” Trueack (United Progressive Fraternity) and multi-instrumentalist Sean Timms (Southern Empire, Damanek, UPF) in 1996, Australian progressive fusion Unitopia have always been among the most renowned and distinctive bands of their ilk and era. 
1. Broken Heart 8.30
2. Something Invisible 6:39
3. Bittersweet 7.20
4. Mania 12:29
5. The Stroke of Midnight 9.38
6. Helen 19.14
7. The Uncertain 18.33
Mark “Truey” Trueack – vocals, songwriting
Sean Timms – songwriting, keyboards, backing vocals, various stringed instruments
Steve Unruh – songwriting, backing vocals, violin, flute, rhythm guitars, mandolin
John Greenwood – songwriting, backing vocals, lead electric guitar, nylon-strung guitar, 6 and 12-string acoustic guitars, mandolin, programmed orchestration
Chester Thompson – drums
Alphonso Johnson – bass