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Format: CD
Artist: Unfolk
CatNo: MPRCD072
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Unfolk Intuitive Maps cd
2017's Intuitive Maps celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the Alessandro Monti's intriguing Unfolk project. 
Recorded in Leicester and Venice, the album points towards a new direction for the band mixing Electronica, Psychedelia, World Music and Jazz. 
A limited edition jewel case version with a transparent booklet jacket, the album contains the first ever cover by Unfolk (a version of John Cale and Terry Riley's Church Of Anthrax).
1. ESP Sutra
2. The Seventh Orbit
3. Mbuyu Na Mkonge part 1
4. The Theatre Of Eternal Snows
5. Church Of Anthrax
6. New Rhodes Tapestry
7. Mbuyu Na Mkonge part 2
8. Pashupatinath Temple/Ruins Of Kathmandu
9. Mbuyu Na Mkonge part 3
10. L'ora del Biscotto Metafisico