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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Toyah
CatNo: DEMREC591
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Toyah Ophelia's Shadow Coloured Vinyl
Toyah's personal favourite album of her own catalogue, Ophelia’s Shadow (1991), features Trey Gunn, Paul Beavis and Tony Geballe. 
Robert Fripp guests on two tracks.
Limited 180g translucent aqua vinyl edition with a new inner sleeve.
Please note this final copy has a small ding to the bottom right corner. Sold as seen.
Side A 
1. Ophelia’s Shadow 
2. The Shaman Says 
3. Brilliant Day 
4. Prospect 
5. Turning Tide 
Side B 
1. Take What You Will 
2. Ghost Light 
3. The Woman Who Had An Affair With Herself 
4. Homeward 
5. Lords Of The Never Known