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Format: Vinyl
Artist: This Winter Machine
CatNo: PLG108
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This Winter Machine Kites White vinyl
Kites, the conceptual third album from This Winter Machine, showcases a new line-up and refreshed sound.
Singer / band leader Al Winter has described the theme of the album as being, “How we fight against life and the directions it blows us in… It’s about how we fight against being blown in the wind, but we don’t realise until we look back that these were some of the best days of our lives… we were buffeted by the wind but we always had the rope anchoring us to the ground… …and some day we’ll all be kites for the last time.“
180g white vinyl edition, limited to 300 copies globally. Peter Jones guests on one track.
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1. Le Jour d’Avant 1:40
2. The Storm part 1 5:37
3. The Storm part 2 4:37
4. Limited 2:00
5. Pleasure & Purpose 6:35
6. Whirlpool 2:17
1. This Heart’s Alive 6:31
2. Broken 4:58
3. Sometimes 4:05
4. Kites 7:19