Price: £27.99
Format: vinyl
Artist: This Winter Machine
CatNo: PLG076s
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This Winter Machine A Tower of Clocks Signed double vinyl
A Tower of Clocks is the second studio release from rising UK Progressive Rock talent This Winter Machine
Limited double 180g vinyl edition with full colour signed lyric insert.
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Side 1
Herald (8:44)
Flying (3:31)
Spiral (2:17)
Symmetry And Light (7:27)
Side 2
Justified (4:39)
In Amber (3:55)
The Hunt (7:21)
Side 3
Delta (8:27)
When We Were Young (5:15)
Carnivale (9:11)
Side 4  (live bonus tracks) 
After Tomorrow Comes (7:42)
Lullaby (4:56)
Fractured (10:37)