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Format: cd
Artist: Third Ear Band
CatNo: HST311CD
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Third Ear Band Necromancers of the Drifting Wes Psychedelic cd

A compilation of early Third Ear Band work including a John Peel concert session.

'The first three pieces by the pre-Ear band The National Balkan Ensemble have never sounded so good, these Alchemy-era sounding pieces last little over 16 minutes but are probably what make this CD for me. There are two further tracks recorded at Abbey Road in 1968 Raga in D (definitely a tape sourced recording) and 1971 Raga No 1 also sounding good enough to have come from an original tape source.
The final three tracks appear to be 'off air' recordings of a BBC in concert session in January 1971 replete with John Peel introductions.' - Fletch-a-Sketch, Amazon UK


Cosmic Trip
Jason's Trip
Devil's Weed
Raga in D
Raga n.1 (The Dragon Wakes)
Eternity in D
Druid (one)