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Artist: Thine
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Thine The_Dead_City_Blueprint CD Peaceville
Thine's third studio album is awash with darkly atmospheric and poignant Rock/Metal anthems laced with elements of contemporary Prog.
A 57 minute journey chronicling the trials of human separation.
Mixing the best of rock and elements of prog with sublime structures and hooks, The Dead City Blueprint features soaring lead guitars, melancholy atmospherics and uplifting vocals. 
Already drawing comparisons with Anathema and Katatonia, The Dead City Blueprint is undoubtedly the band's strongest work to date.
2019 CD reissue.
1. Brave Young Assassin
2. Flame to the Oak
3. Out of Your Mind & into a Void
4. To the Precipice
5. The Dead City Blueprint
6. A Great Unknown
7. The Rift
8. The Beacon
9. Scars from Limbo
10. Adrift Through the Arcane Isles of Recovery