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Format: CD/DVD-A
Artist: The Vicar
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The Vicar Songbook #1 CD/DVD-A Surround
Songbook #1 features fourteen songs by the enigmatic, English producer, The Vicar that go everywhere pop songs should and a few places they probably shouldn't. 
Featuring The Vicar's unique string and chamber arrangements and a host of guest singers.
Tony Levin, Theo Travis, Lewis Taylor, Tim Elsenberg, Chas Dickie and Jakko Jakszyk and others appear.
And what do you get? Performances from some of the world's outstanding musicians - Cathy Stevens, Tony Levin, Theo Travis, Steve Sidwell, Chas Dickie, Karen Wimhurst , Nigel Barr, Horacio Pozzo. And what don't you get? Well-known singers from The Vicar's rolodex. By contrast, in one of those moves designed to infuriate A&R men, The Vicar  throws the spotlight on emerging and lesser known singers, from those spotted at small venues and on the internet, to those from the periphery who deserved centre stage. All were willing to sing simple melodies "as if for the first time".
"If we embrace the unexpected. If we are free not to be slaves to the rhythm. If we have the courage to believe that dreams can and will come true, our ears transform humble songs into music beyond our wildest imaginings." - The Vicar,11 July 2012.
The groundbreaking multimedia universe of The Vicar also includes Graphic Novels, Audiobooks, Videobooks and Music Albums by the legendary Vicar himself. 
CD/DVD-A edition with 5.1 surround mix.
1. The Girl with the Sunshine in Her Eyes (2.45) 
2. Childhood Days (4.49)
3. That Boy's Not Cool (3.14)
4. The Moony Song (5.30)
5. Twenty Two (4.10)
6. Three Sides of Me (2.15)
7. Man with a Woman on his Mind (3.05)
8. Forever (4.19)
9. San Manuel (2.33)
10. She Closes Her Eyes (2.13)
11. In Dying Fire (4.38)
12. Count Your Blessings (3.23)
13. Inside My Head (2.54)
14. Lonely Sunday (1.37)
All tracks mixed In MLP Lossless 5.1 Surround / DTS 5.1 Digital Surround / LPCM Stereo 2.0 (24/48)


Vocals by Lewis Taylor, Andy Yorke, Paul Ibberson, Tim Elsenberg, Mutch Katsonga, Steve Porter, Jakko Jakszyk, David Singleton.