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Artist: The Tangent
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The Tangent The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machi cd
A rare slice of pointedly political Prog Rock, 2017’s The Slow Rust of Forgotten Machinery was The Tangent’s ninth studio album.
Band leader Andy Tillison is joined by a superb line-up including Jonas Reingold on bass, Luke Machin on guitars and vocals, and Theo Travis on sax and flutes, plus new member Marie-Eve de Gaultier on keyboards and vocals. There are also guest appearances from author/playwright and Chumbawamba founder Boff Whalley on vocals, and DJ/producer Matt Farrow.
Andy Tillison had this to say on the album, "Roger Waters did prove the ability of Progressive Music to act as a vehicle to communicate ideas about the current world scene. In both Pink Floyd's The Final Cut and his Amused To Death albums, Waters set a challenge to others in the genre. A challenge which has not been frequently accepted."
The album sees The Tangent in political commentary mode, focussing on the plight of refugees from war torn parts of the world and the way in which they are treated in the West and by the UK's tabloid press. 
The Slow Rust of Forgotten Machinery is also an uncompromising Progressive Rock Record full of intricacies, long pieces, challenging arrangements and virtuoso playing. New sounds and styles also enter the frame - the band have brought a DJ on board for some sections - as part of the band’s desire to re-purpose the possibilities of Progressive Music.
2019 mid-price CD edition in jewel case.
1 Two Rope Swings (6:32)
2 Doctor Livingstone (I Presume) (11:58)
3 Slow Rust (22:31)
4 The Sad Story Of Lead And Astatine (16:00)
5 A Few Steps Down The Wrong Road (17:31)