Price: £29.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Pineapple Thief
CatNo: KSCOPE978
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the pineapple thief abducted at birth soord steve kitch 2LP

A 2018 Kscope label vinyl re-release of TPT’s 1999 debut album (under its original title).

Featuring strong melodies and powerful choruses, this early Post-Progressive release provides is a wonderful insight into Bruce Soord's songwriting talent and the birth of one of the UK's leading progressive bands. 

Remastered by the band's keyboardist Steve Kitch, this edition comes as a double LP in wide spine packaging. The cover art has been completely updated, using fan-submitted photography to explore the new theme of abducted at Birth.

All orders through Burning Shed come with an exclusive digital download (mp3) of the entire album from the release date (11th May, 2018) which will be available on the account page.

Side A
1. Private Paradise [11:10]
2. Drain [06:38]
Side B
1. Whatever You Do, Do Nothing [06:21]
2. No One Leaves This Earth [05:58]
3. Punish Yourself [04:29]
Side C
1. Parted Forever [18:10]
Side D
1. Everyone Must Perish [04:39]
2. Judge The Girl [06:12]
3. Mysterious Extra Track [04:27]