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Artist: The Names
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The Names German Nights CD
German Nights is a live album by Belgian group The Names, recorded in Berlin, Hamburg and Freiburg in 2016 and 2017.
Produced by Thomas Neidhardt, the set draws heavily on the albums Swimming and Stranger Than You, as well as classic singles including Nightshift, Calcutta, The Astronaut and Spectators of Life.
"The new members have injected new life into the band," explains singer and songwriter Michel Sordinia, "and together we've updated the arrangements on some of the older songs. But ultimately we're still the same new wave band who joined Factory Records in 1980."
Cover design by Twilight. CD booklet features tour photography by Peter Staessens
1. Intro/Discovery
2. Life By the Sea
3. Hands Off Love
4. This Is Harmony
5. The Fire
6. Spectators of Life
7. Shanghai Gesture
8. I Wish I Could Speak Your Language
9. Boy With a Gun
10. Nightshift
11. Calcutta
12. The Astronaut
13. My Angel of Death
14. What Goes On