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Format: CD
Artist: The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
CatNo: DKRCD113
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The Invisible Opera Company of T The Bardo of Becoming CD
2020 studio album from The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet.
Based on the teachings from the Tibetan book of the dead, the music ranges from Ambient to full tilt Rock outs illustrating the various states and experiences of the bardo.
Produced by Dave Kendall, original Jewel in the Lotus producer.
CD in triple fold digipack with booklet.
1. Dissolution.    5.05
2. Song of the Bardo. 3.52
3. World of the living  5.24
4. The little deaths. 6.10
The four fearsomes
5. The collapsing mountain (Earth). 3.23
6. An engulfing ocean (Water). 3.16
7. A blazing inferno  (Fire)  3.20
8. A gusting whirlwind  (Air). 3.31
9. The three abysses Pt.1. 5.50
10. The three abysses Pt. 2  4.10
11. The approaching  3.13