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Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Gathering
CatNo: VILELP808
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The Gathering Almost a Dance Peaceville vinyl
1993's pioneering second studio album of atmospheric and progressive doom rock from The Gathering
Almost A Dance was originally released on Foundation 2000 Records. Produced by Tom Holkenborg - who became famous as Junkie XL - on this album The Gathering left Death growls and their Death-Doom influences behind in favour of a more Progressive Rock/Metal sound with clean vocals and sublime arrangements (a strong foundation for what the band would continue to evolve into). 
Vinyl featuring the original cover artwork, plus full lyrics.
1 On A Wave 
2 The Blue Vessel 
3 Her Last Flight 
4 The Sky People 
1 Nobody Dares 
2 Like Fountains 
3 Proof 
4 Heartbeat Amplifier 
5 A Passage To Desire