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Artist: The Durutti Column
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The Durutti Column Treatise on the Steppenwolf CD
The very first soundtrack album by The Durutti Column, the legendary ensemble fronted by virtuoso guitarist and composer Vini Reilly.
Treatise On The Steppenwolf is a soundtrack to the performance piece of the same name by experimental theatre group 12 Stars, written and directed by Gerard McInulty, first staged in Glasgow in May 2003. Freely adapted from the celebrated counter-culture novel by Hermann Hesse, the performance is a portrait a divided character in an ongoing state of conflict.
The soundtrack album combines the studio recordings of the 12 pieces performed live by The Durutti Column during the Glasgow run, as well as two bonus live tracks recorded at the event, one featuring spoken-word narrative by cast member Carolyn Allen.
The booklet includes background notes and images from the show. 
1. A Beautiful Thought (Pt 1) 
2. The Mothers and the Fathers
3. A Wolf of the Steppes
4. Interlude 
5. The Title on the Cover 
6. Divided
7. Magic Theatre 
8. Soul Track
9. Harry Dreams the Dream
10. A Beautiful Thought (Pt 2)
11. Stupid Steppenwolf (Pt 1)
12. Stupid Steppenwolf (Pt 2)
13. Lullaby (live)
14. Mello (live)