Price: £19.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Anchoress
CatNo: KSCOPE920
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Confessions of a Romance Novelis The Anchoress vinyl
A gatefold double 180g LP edition of The Anchoress's startling debut for the Kscope label.
Includes 4 bonus acoustic versions of tracks, featuring string arrangements from Gillian Wood and an mp3 download code.
Revenge-pop? The Prog Karen Carpenter? Barbra Streisand on acid? Bat For Lashes on an obscure book-binge? 
Whichever way you choose to describe Confessions Of A Romance Novelist - the debut release by The Anchoress (co-produced by Mansun's visionary frontman Paul Draper) - one thing's for certain, the album is something truly different. 
Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, PhD and producer Catherine Anne Davies (aka The Anchoress) sums up her album's overall concept as, "Deconstructing normative ideas of love and romance. With each song sung by a different character, it's what you might call a musical ghost writing of sorts." 
Co-producer and collaborator Draper has helped Davies capture a collection of songs on which she has played a variety of instruments, including piano, guitar, flute, omnichord, mellotron, wurlitzer, glockenspiel, and celeste (as well as multi-tracking up to 25 vocal harmonies on some songs). 
The creation Confessions Of A Romance Novelist was not without its setbacks and was interrupted by a series of events that threatened to derail the project completely. Catherine says, "This album has been made on a wing and a prayer, lots of favours, one car crash, one death, one broken hand, and a lot of patience on so many parts. Stir in 3 jobs, 4 studios, 2 arrests, 3 pianos, 40 songs and 1 very patient engineer - and you get some way to understanding what a long road it has been." 
'Kate Bush's Hounds Of Love updated for the 21st century.' - Prog
'A flawless and sophisticated hyper-literate pop record.' - GQ 
'Equal parts prog and pop, oddball and accessible.' - NME
1. Long Year [3:51]
2. What Goes Around [4:17]
3. Doesn`t Kill You [4:39]
4. You And Only You feat. Paul Draper [4:08]
1. One For Sorrow [3:24]
2. P.S. Fuck You [3:18]
3. Popular [3:56]
4. Bury Me [3:43]
1. Intermission (Notes To The Editor) [2:08]
2. Waiting To Breathe [3:02]
3. Chip On Your Shoulder [2:58]
4. Confessions Of A Romance Novelist [6:26]
1. You And Only You (Acoustic Version) [4:50]
2. Bury Me (Acoustic Version) [3:46]
3. Long Year (Acoustic Version) [3:33]
4. Popular (Acoustic Version) [2:23]