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Artist: Terry Stamp
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Intense, poetic, earthy and emotive, the astonishing 'Bootlace Johnnie and the Ninety-Nines' contained the first new recordings for nearly 30 years of songs by Terry Stamp and Jim Avery (the songwriters at the heart of uncompromisingly political 1970s cult band Third World War).
Namechecked by the legendary likes of Joe Strummer and Steve Albini, TWW developed a uniquely confrontational performing style that emphasised power and passion over technical precision, setting the scene for the Punk revolution that was to follow some six or seven years after the band's demise.
Sensitively guided by the inventive production and playing of Alistair Murphy, 'Bootlace Johnnie' was a potent reminder of Terry Stamp's highly individual voice and lyrical style. 
Occasionally recalling the likes of Tom Waits, Kevin Coyne and Van Morrison, Stamp's songs carve a highly distinctive path of their own.
Recorded in England and America, the CD edition of 'Bootlace Johnnie and the Ninety-Nines' additionally includes two tracks recorded by TWW fan and world-renowned producer Steve Albini.
Christmas the Way I Like it
Bootlace Johnnie
The Ice Lizard Hometown Fair
Traitor's Gate
The Washing of the Spears
Cruel Masseur
Tender Guillotine
Bootlace Johnnie and the Ninety-Nines
Bonus Tracks
Down Pentonville Way (Demo)
My Assassin (Demo)
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All songs Terry Stamp and Jim Avery, (c) & (p) GSL Music, Los Angeles B.M.I. 2004
Arranged and Produced Alistair Murphy for Cromerzone productions.
Original recordings of Down Pentonville Way & My Assassin by Steve Albini, Chicago, overdubbed by Alistair Murphy 
Terry Stamp: Vocals & Guitar
Jim Avery: Guitar (Pentonville Way & My Assassin)
Alistair Murphy: Guitars, Slide Guitar, E-bow, Keyboards & Backing Vocals
Mark Fletcher: Bass
Jeremy Salmon: Guitars & Tambourine
Jim Halsall: Harmonica & Backing Vocals
Laurie A'Court: Alto & Tenor Saxes
Cover designed by Carl Glover
Mastered by Ian Shepherd at SRT, St. Ives
Well here I am still sucking down air. I will be 59 in June, many years and far away from the twelve year old Twickenham kid learning to play skiffle songs in his bedroom and listening to them on old seventy-eight records on my parents radiogram.
Firstly, all credit for this CD that you are holding goes to Alistair Murphy, Faith Davies, Jim Avery and the musicians performing on it. Without their time, energy and love of music, past and present, you would be holding another CD in your hands.
For me, Alistair's production and arrangements of the songs included here are simply stunning. I just thank God it is myself  "doing the vocal part".
I wrote and recorded the "basic tracks" of these songs, (vocal with acoustic guitar) as far as I can recall, mainly during the nineties, in Los Angeles, some being home demos, others studio demos, songs that I really thought would never see the light of day.
So pull on them headphones, everyone included here has left a few pointers for some future generation, saying, "that's how we were, we were born that way".
Terry Stamp, Los Angeles, April  2004.
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