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Format: vinyl
Artist: Talk Talk
CatNo: 0190295792626
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Talk Talk The Partys Over vinyl
Talk Talk's musical journey took them from early 80s synth-pop to early 90s post-rock resulting in a diverse and stimulating legacy. This 1982 release showcases the synth-pop/new wave side to the band.
A product of its time, The Party’s Over is classic synth-pop teamed with the lyrical depth that became synonymous with distinctive lead singer Mark Hollis.
Replica LP version -  the original textured finish - on 180g vinyl with printed inner sleeve.
Side 1
1. Talk Talk
2. It’s So Serious
3. Today
4. The Party’s Over
Side 2
5. Hate
6. Have You Heard The News
7. Mirror Man
8. Another Word
9. Candy