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Artist: OSI
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OSI Free 2CD Kevin Moore Jim Matheos

2021 reissue of Free, the second album from the duo of Jim Matheos (Fates Warning) and Kevin Moore (ex Dream Theater, Chroma Key).

"Prog metal supergroup O.S.I. return with their second album, which finds the duo of singer and keyboardist Kevin Moore and guitarist Jim Matheos moving away from the fairly standard-issue epic metal of 2003's Office of Strategic Influence into something that sounds more like Evanescence's gothy metal-pop crossed with late-era Radiohead's fondness for electronic interference.

Moore, formerly of Dream Theater (his ex-bandmate Mike Portnoy plays the album's few non-electronic drums), and Fates Warning leader Matheos are venturing into relatively new territory here: Free is downright commercial in a way that none of the duo's previous projects have been". - AllMusic

2CD in digipak


1. Sure You Will

2. Free

3. Go

4. All Gone Now

5. Home Was Good

6. Bigger Wave

7. Kicking

8. Better

9. Simple Life

10. Once

11. Our Town


1. OSIdea 9

2. Set It On Fire

3. Communicant

4. When You're Ready

5. Remain Calm

6. Old War

7. Go (Console Remix)
8. Kicking (Kevin Moore Remix)

9. Home Was Good (Kevin Moore Remix)